Pregnancy Stages: Week 09

Your baby:

Your baby is the size of an olive: about 13 – 17mm in length. Her heart is divided into chambers and the valves start to form. The tail is completely gone. Her teeth start to form. Her eyelids are shut and won’t open till the 27th week. Her nose, mouth and ears are formed.  The internal reproductive organs are formed either testis for boys or ovaries for girls but you still cannot determine the gender. The placenta is developed and will start taking charge of producing hormones.

Your body:

You are feeling tired like you have never felt in your life. It is normal. Your body is working double and your metabolism and hormone levels are surging, which causes a decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure. Make sure to move slowly between a sleeping and a standing position. Eat well and drink lots of water. Mood swings are common during this phase. Take time to rest and relax. Look for a prenatal yoga classes or swimming classes to keep you toned and relief the stress. Take warm bathes to sooth you and reflect on communicating with your partner about all concerns.