Pregnancy Stages: Week 24

Your baby:

Your baby is growing inch by inch every week. He weighs about 680g and is 30cm long. Most of this weight comes from the fat accumulating around his body, growing bones and organs. His lungs are developing, forming branches and secreting a substance called surfactant which will help the air sacs to inflate once he is born.  Your baby’s face is fully developed with eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. He can be disturbed by loud noises and his kicks are much harder.

Your Body:

You must have heard of the many symptoms that you can experience during pregnancy. Some are annoying and some are pleasant. The itchy symptoms can be disturbing, the carpal tunnel syndrome with numb wrists and fingers can be uncomfortable, and the dark lines that appear on your tummy and the stretch marks can be distressing. Don’t worry; most of these symptoms can disappear after delivery.

You may also suffer from constipation due to the relaxin hormone. Drink lots of water and juices. Eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to wash them very well before eating. As your uterus is growing, your ligaments continue to stretch and may cause back pain. If your pain increases, consult your doctor. You may also purchase a pregnancy corset to help maintain the weight of the uterus. You can find it at any maternity clothes store. Your feet can grow one size and your ankles are swelling. You might experience mild vision changes due to the decrease in tear production and build up of fluid in your eye. This should disappear after pregnancy. Your weight is increasing. Do not diet! Exercise regularly; enroll into yoga classes or swimming classes. These exercises can improve your posture, decrease back pain, relief stress, boost your circulation and prepare your body for the stretching and labor.

At this time of pregnancy, you will be able to monitor your baby’s kicking patterns. Consult your doctor in case you do not feel your baby’s movements for more than 12 hours. It is also imperative that you learn about premature labor signs.