Pregnancy Stages: Week 11

Your baby:

Your baby is the size of a walnut. Tiny teeth bud are forming, her bones are growing and getting harder. Her hair is forming as well as her nails and ovaries if she is a girl. A tongue and palate in the mouth are shaped. She is very active and moves all the time. You won’t be able to feel those movements until after 2 months. She is about 4cm long.

Your body:

1sttrimester is nearly finished and soon pregnancy symptoms as morning sickness and fatigue will start to fade. You might be suffering from constipation and heartburn due to the relaxing effect of pregnancy hormones. Your appetite will return soon but pay attention not to over consume food. Try to eat healthy food and minimize junk. Stay away from fish and raw meat as well as unpasteurized cheese and milk. Start practicing to sleep on the side.

This is a good time to start practicing Kegel exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor and tone the muscles around the vaginal area and the anus.

If you are pregnant with your second baby, it is the best time to start divulging your secret to your child. If he can handle expectation, celebrate the news as a family. If he cannot understand wait until you gain weight and your body shows the pregnancy.

In case you are pregnant with twins, you must have gained weight more than a normal pregnancy.