Pregnancy Stages: Week 17

Your baby:

Your baby’s soft cartilage is changing into bone. His sweat glands are developing. He weights now around 150g and he is about 13cm from head to toe. His heart beats at 140 to 150 times per minute. He starts forming fat under his skin which will help him to maintain his temperature at birth. He can discern sounds very well. It is a good time to start listening to some soft music. Your baby would really enjoy it!

Your body:

Your belly is growing and you will begin feeling imbalanced. Try to avoid high heels and situations that may cause any accident. Always put your seat belt; just pass it under your belly. During this period, pregnant women may experience lots of vivid dreams. You might dream every night! Your appetite will increase as well as heartburns after each meal. Watch out your excess weight and keep a healthy diet. Stretch marks are a genetic matter. You can use the almond oil on your tummy after your bath. Massage it calmly so the skin can absorb and keeps hydrated. Don’t worry, lots of women experience stretch marks. Continue exercising and drink lots of water. Wear cotton, fluffy clothes to feel comfortable.