Pregnancy Stages: Week 16

Your baby:

At this gestational age your baby weights around 100g and he is 12cm long. His legs are well developed and you will start feeling his kicks! His toenails start growing and his ears are in their final position. He can probably hear you now! He starts moving his eyes sideways, but his eyelids are still closed. He will empty his bladder every 45mn.

Your body:

Your uterus is halfway between your pubic bone and your navel. Some pregnant women start to feel their baby movements while others don’t experience it till week 18. Record the first movement in your agenda. Watch your weight. Excess weight may lead to backache, stretch marks, varicose and pain due to ligament stretches. As long as you follow regular exercise and a healthy diet you’ll be fine. Keep on taking your vitamins and increase your fluid intake to minimize constipation problems. The increase in hormone production causes oil glands to work thus makes your face glow. Enjoy this phase but be careful from sun rays. Protect your skin with sunscreens.