Pregnancy Stages: Week 22

Your baby:

At 150g and 27cm long your baby looks like a small tiny newborn. His face is proportional, eyes, ears and nose. During this pregnancy stage you can see his eyebrows and if you look closely you can identify the lanugo that covers his skin. He can hear your heart beats, your stomach gurgling and your blood circulation. His brain is developing very fast and he will try to reach his face to experiment the sense of touch.

Your body:

During your pregnancy everybody will be looking at you and will be eager to touch your tummy. It is ok to mention that you do not like it. Keep in mind that each woman grows differently from another and each pregnancy is different from another. Do not compare yourself with any other pregnant women. If you have any query, consult your doctor. Stretch marks appear on your belly especially that your uterus is growing to accommodate your baby. Body hair emerges and increases due to androgen hormones that increases in your body at this stage of pregnancy. Don’t panic, you will lose them after delivery. You can get rid of them by using safe methods as waxing or shaving.  Also watch out the sun rays. Apply sunscreen whenever you go out to prevent the formation of dark patches on your face.

You may notice that your foot size is getting bigger at this week of pregnancy. Don’t worry; you will have your size back when you deliver. It is due to the water retention. Try always to keep your feet elevated. Use flat shoes and stay away from high heels. Heartburn is uncomfortable. Avoid drinking while eating. Keep your diet healthy, rich in fiber and vitamins and drink lots of fluids. Keep exercising to minimize constipation problems and leg cramps.

Be careful, your belly button might start protruding out. This is normal and it will get back in shortly after delivery.