Pregnancy Stages: Week 20

Your baby:

Your baby weight is now around 300g and about 23cm long. He will start swallowing the amniotic fluid and produces meconium. While your baby is getting bigger, your uterus will get enlarged and there will be always room for him to move, twist and turn. You will start feeling more and more his movements.

Your body:

Now at the middle of your pregnancy, you will have your second trimester ultrasound. This ultrasound will determine approximately the weight of the baby, measures his leg bone, abdominal diameter and checks if the baby is in good health. At this stage you should start checking for childbirth education classes as Lamaze classes and include your partner in them. It will help prepare the couple for childbirth.

Your uterus is still growing and you might find it difficult to sleep at night. Heartburn and indigestion are making your day difficult. Try to avoid spicy food and eat small portions. Leg cramps are more frequent and wake you up from a deep sleep. Your nails become stronger and your hair thicker due to the pregnancy hormone. Enjoy it as it lasts. Your appetite is uprising so don’t forget to try to eat only healthy food. Continue your vitamins and your exercises.