Pregnancy Stages: Week 10

Your baby:

He is now around 1 inch long, weighing less than seven grams. He has completed the first phase of his development and entered the fetal period where tissues and organs will grow rapidly. He started to swallow the fluid around him and moves like a fish but unfortunately his movements are still too small for you notice.. His hands have elbows now and flexes on the wrist. His feet are long enough to bend in front of him. His vital organs as kidneys, intestine, liver and brain are formed and continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. His heart is beating at a rate of 160 beats per min. His head measures half of the total body.

Your Body:

Your uterus is as big as a grapefruit. Your regular clothes are tight. You might start suffering from constipation due to the relaxin hormone. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and food full of fibers. You can start performing some exercises as walking or swimming. Your emotions are fluctuant as a roller coaster. Your partner might not understand what you are going through. Share your emotions and worries with your spouse.

Try to have some time for yourself to rest. A warm bath at night may help you to relax and to sleep well.