Pregnancy Stages: Week 18

Your baby:

Your baby is around 14cm long and weighs around 200g. He moves a lot and you might feel his movement anytime.  He twists rolls and kicks. His genital organs are formed and you would be able to know the sex of your baby. The blood vessels are visible under his skin and a substance called myelin is being formed around his nerves. The retina is more sensitive to light and he can hear very well the external noises surrounding him.

Your body:

Your increased appetite makes you run to the kitchen several times a day. Choose healthy snacks and food rich in nutrients. Your blood pressure might be lower than normal. Stand up slowly if you were in  a sleeping position. Start to sleep on your side and use a pillow to rest your back on it. Your back might start hurting you and you will feel pain running from your uterus to the pubic bone. It is due to the stretch of ligaments. Always exercise and the best sport is to swim if you can. Avoid high heels and try to elevate your feet every time you are sitting. Heartburns are very common during this stage. Eat slowly and smaller meals several times a day and do not sleep after eating. Avoid red sauces and spices.

Start reading to your baby! He will hear your voice and would be able to recognize it between other voices! Start listening to soft music. Usually babies gets used to the music and will soothe them once heard after birth.